Allyson -

We always refrigerate nuts - it helps the oil from going rancid - but they still have to eaten within a week of opening to be fresh. Also, in general one can't taste things that are cold, so in that sense you lose the flavor until it warms up. Sort of like drinking beer ice-cold takes away its flavor, so people tend to do that with cheap beer and cheap wine smile.

So I'm fine with storing them cold to keep rancidity away and also letting them warm up for eating so I can savor the flavors.

But that all being said, these were brand new, had a June 2015 expiration date, and they were rancid when I opened them. I ate some anyway and had stomach issues. They were sourced from China. I've heard from others that many pine nuts coming from China are just bad to begin with. So we won't be buying any from China any more.

Good news though - the store says they'll take them back and give us store credit.

Lisa Shea, Low Carb and Video Games Editor
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