Gardening is an activity that I have had a lot of experience with doing. I grew up with a garden since my mom raised a good portion of our vegetables and some fruits. The main purpose of the garden was to raise food while saving on the grocery bill. She canned, preserved, and froze lots of our food to eat through the winter. Potatoes were, and still are, one of our staple foods that we grow and keep through the entire winter to eat.

Not only did we garden, but for many years my mom and I raised and sold produce at our local farmer's market. So I have been on both sides of the table - small farmer/gardener and purchaser.

Even a small space in which to garden can yield a lot of veggies and a lot of savings.

Do you garden? Have you frozen or canned your bountiful harvest? Post here with your experiences and thoughts.

Sandra Baublitz, Investing/Home Finance Editor
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