The last sentence was supposed to of course be "when I got up", I have no idea how I did that but I put my alarm clock at 5:30 instead of 4:30, I always check at least twice before a day of sports which I did last night but I did not realise what I had done, it's the only mistake I done here which is kind of a miracle since I was freaking out being scared of finishing my morning routine after 7:00, I did it, I even risked walking after even if it had started (my match is the second...dont like doing something far from the tv when waiting for Tennis that is not at a set time...sometimes the matches dont even start or 1 of the players have to not finish the walk was fast like my morning Now I'll go see on the trees I watered on Tree Nation to see if I wrote something else on them (i always write "Water given" when i water...been doing that for so long that i do it without even thinking about so illl be surprised if i wrote something else...i did made a mistake with the time so everything can