A butt helmet, LOL, what a great idea, smile haha!

I always thought helmets were stupid and I never wore one (my parents never wanted me and my bother to use 1 either...not surprising coming from them). I was lucky, I remember only falling off my bike once (caught a hole in the street that i had not seen) and that's it as far as falling goes. I skied once when I went to a Winter camp with most of my classmates (dont recall the grade but i know it was before high school so it was primary school), my last time I decided not to go side to side and I went down straight, I had to fall on my butt to stop since I was too scared to brake normally (we only skied that day so it was my first time...they did give us a few pointers before since only a few knew how to sky but not too much information was given), that was crazy for me to do, I was going fast, it was both fun and scary at the same time.

I seem to remember someone inventing a rollerblade but for skiing, I thought it was cool but it never caught on, I only saw it that one time when they showed the man talking about it and showing it on television.

I liked skiing but I always thought the ski season was too short so I never tried it again.

It's funny how I never liked my body and face (i feel uncomfortable with short sleeves) but I never was uncomfortable with a bathing suit on, I don't know why, I am weird like that.

Here it is getting colder (we dont have a thermometer that is why i never talk about the temperature) but I am not sad about it since I hate hot weather.