Nancy, LOL, here I was thinking that the ice trails were long and panoramic like a cross-country skiing route or something! That would have been nice, though.

I've been putting off learning to swim for a while. The biggest reason is I'm incredibly near-sighted, so I'd have to get some prescription swim goggles so I could actually find my way to the water. Then, I'm a little overweight and not real thrilled with my appearance in a swimsuit, but then again I think that 90% of all women feel that way about themselves so I'm in good company. laugh I can probably get over the self-consciousness quickly enough once I've got the prescription swim goggles.

That is so cool that you took to roller-blading like a fish to water and didn't even need lessons. You must be a natural with balance and coordination. I'll admit that I've always been too nervous about it to want to do roller-blading, but I love to watch it. Before you mentioned Shumi's accident (and his was skiing, but still, close enough), I hadn't thought about the possibility of roller-bladers injuring their heads. I've always thought if I tried it, it would be my backside instead! If there were such a thing as a "butt helmet" I think I'd be braver about trying it.

Yvonnie and Nancy, would you believe it was 95 F / 35 C out here today? At least it was dry heat, as we always say. No storm in sight, either. I'm with both of you in that I really like thunderstorms.