Yes, the Colorado Avalanche are an NHL team. They had lots of awesome years with Patrick Roy, Mike Keane, Peter Forsberg, Adam Foote, Rob Blake and the list goes on. I did not have a satelitte dish that time so I could not see Biggi play but I could catch the Avalanche most Saturdays.

The ice trails were not very long (the park was like a medium sized park so the trails were not that short) but it was fun.

I remember when rollerblades first came out everyone warned to take lessons because it was hard and dangerous but I did not and I had no problem at all with it. I never used an helmet but now with Shumi's accident I think I will.

When my dad decided to quit his job and put us all in trouble I was about to learn how to swim. I think there's a place in one or both of the nearest town where we can learn it so I could still do it. One day I may be near an ocean or another beautiful body of water and it would suck not being able to go into it. Here the water is polluted so no swimming (you can still do it but dont complain if you catch an