You're very welcome, Nancy! The Avalanche, hmmm? You're talking about ice hockey, right? I really am a dunce at sports. smile But I can imagine how hard it would be to play hockey at a much higher altitude than what someone's used to. Hockey (what little I've seen of it) looks so physically intense -- lots of starts and stops and changing direction on the ice. It would be hard to keep the breath under control let alone worry about getting enough oxygen.

The ice trails thing sounds like such a good idea! If I could ice-skate, that would be the way I'd want to do it. It would be like taking a long distance walk but more fun, I would think. You'd get to cover some ground and see a lot, rather than just staying in a little rink with everybody else.

But at least you know how to roller-blade! Maybe you could get back to that? I love how graceful roller-blading looks. I know what you mean about bicycling. I haven't done it since I was a kid, and I further lost my enthusiasm when I was juror in a personal injury trial involving a bicycle. smile But I think you're right about the skills coming back through muscle memory, and I think as long as the rider wears a helmet, he or she will be safe.

Exercise experts are always telling us that we need to find a sport that we love to play, and that those who do have the best rate of success with getting in shape. But I'm still looking, ha, ha! Walking is the best thing for me right now. I'd like to get into swimming eventually.