Thank you for the explanation!

I always hear about the players complaining about the oxygen when they go play the Avalanche, they don't get to get use to it even the teams who play there a few times during the season sice it's mostly go in the city then play then get out.

I haven't ice skated in many years. My old city (Saint-Hubert) used to put water in the trails of the park for many years so I would go there to skate during Winters but then they stopped doing it. There was still a small ice area there but it was always packed so I did not went there after they stopped having ice trails.

I love roller blading. When my first and only pair broke I never bought new ones.

I did buy a new bicycle one or two years before moving but I have not used it once, I'm too scared that I forgot how to do it (i know its stupid...we never forget) that's my excuse. I always hated Summers but when young I was always outside all day long during that time. When I was not playing or reading in my backyard I was at the park or on my old bicycle (when that bicycle broke is when i started slowly going outside less during summer).