Nancy, yes we do have snakes -- a couple of different species of poisonous rattlesnake. When I was a kid, we had them everywhere, and my parents were always running for the shotgun to kill the snakes! No wonder I have a slight phobia of rattlesnakes to this day. laugh However, most people never see them because they don't like to live around a lot of humans. You have to really be out in the sticks before you'll run across them.

We do supposedly get tarantula migrations where all the males get the urge to walk for miles to the river to find the females. I'm kind of grateful I've never seen this! I did see one tarantula once when I was out walking in my old neighborhood; it was marching along on the other side of the street, and I was so surprised to see it that I thought someone's pet had escaped. I'd forgotten that we have them in our part of the world. (I probably would've had a screaming fit if I'd seen it indoors!)

That's really interesting about your lack of snowfall. In Denver this year (and I always look to Denver as an example of extreme winter weather, ha, ha!) it was snowing off and on through May. So the fact that you are so much farther north still doesn't guarantee a long winter full of snow. Maybe it's an altitude issue. Denver is about a mile above sea level. Are you close to sea level?