When I was young we had our first snow end of September then it would be gone late April. Now we are lucky if we have snow in late December.

Before I moved here I never saw any bugs out during Winter. Even when it was christmas and we could still see the grass in some places. Never ever until here.

And I did see big spiders but never tarentula size. One was close to it and my mom too had an experience with one like that but compared to some here these were babies.

And the bugs we see in Winter are not even sleepy or anything, they are as fast as they are in Summer.

No other bugs scare me. Sure some are creepy and I won't pet them or anything but I don't have a phobia. It's just bees and other bugs like them that I make sure to keep away from, I never was bitten by one but I still know that hurts plus my mom is allergic so I may be too so I take no chances (bees too are huge here...some are like little birds!!!!).

Do you have snakes where you live? Probably since snakes are often found in deserts. I wish I would have a phobia like that, there's none here so only videos and pictures would scare me.