In Summer we can see trees with their tops completely covered in spider webs. And when you walk very early in Summer mornings some parts of the streets near the grass are also covered in webs. I bet even people without that phobia would develop it if living here for a long time, it's that crazy! And they are so big here, some are tarentula big! Saw one crossing a street two or three Summers ago from several feet away, at first I tought it was a rat or something then I realised what it was. I had to continue (i could of went back then walk about 2 hours to cross a small bridge then follow the other street to come home...if that spider would of stayed in the middle of the street i would of done that!!!) and that was so scary, it was black with white lines. Had one that was brown inside the house, I screamed like I was dying but my parents never came down so it got away, I spent almost one year freaked out over that.

I'm glad the wind was not hot. It's always worst when the wind is also hot, there's no escape from the hot.