Montreal is a little better because there are people in that city who speak other languages and also there are French Quebecers who decided to learn other languages, these people are not like separatists, they are respectful of other cultures.

One other thing about separatists is that you hear them talk about French and how it is the best language of the world and the only one that truely matter but the majority of them speak and write it badly.

For them learning another language and accepting other cultures is like their own language and culture is taken away.

Thankfully the separatist party lost the last elections (they got beat so bad that the party leader lost her county so she left the so all that separatist talk has calmed down a little bit.

They even have people who their job is to walk around and mesure the words in English and French to make sure that the words in French are bigger then the words in English.

They tried to force someone to censor her Facebook page, everyone and everything in her company us 100% in both languages but they freaked out about the comments on her page from her English speaking customers, thankfully she decided to speak to a lawyer about it and before they lost (Facebook is not a Quebec territory) they made it look like they were letting her Facebook page like she wanted to.

They are crazy!