When I got up it was raining (cannot say when it started or ended but can say that between 6:00 and 6:30 it was raining). The day was cloudy and the temperature was nice (i had half my winter walking coat on...i had the exterior...at first i thought i should of put the entire coat on or at least another shirt [had a simple turtleneck] but after a few minutes i was not cold [i was not freezing...just a little cold] and by the time i turned around to come back i was a little hot). Tonight we are having a thunderstorm (i was watching a new show with my mom at 20:00 and at 20:43 the signal disappeared...my mom asked when was the last time it happened and i said a while ago because the past few years it only does that when theres lightning or thunders [the only positive about Bell...before the signal would disapppear for just a little wind...no rain or snow or thunder or lighting needed] and sure enough we first heard the heavy rain then saw lightning through the curtains [well not through from the sides of the window] it has calmed now...i do not hear any rain or thunder and do not see any lightning).