Hi Sheryl,

What a nice thing for you to get your cave .. it is such a precious space in any home!

I would miss out on the chalk board, use a white board and certainly have a cork board where you could pin up anything and everything including mind map bubbles, storyboard pics for projects, family photos and all and all.

I would also choose a special space within the room for a meditation corner. It should be specially designated and only used for this purpose. A yoga mat? A candle holder on the wall? A view out of a window? A favourite chair?

Of course you must have a lovely houseplant in a container! Tell me more about your light and situation and maybe I can offer some suggestions. Ficus benjamina springs to mind - they can be friendly, loving and gentle indoor companions.

Isn't is just so great to plan - I love it.

Cheers now

Lestie Mulholland
Container Gardening Editor

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