I'm working on writing (and it is a bit difficult) but writing what people feel they can NOT speak openly about, but putting it into a book so to speak.

It's not vampires or well what my husband loves, "virtual video games," where he can hash out his frustrations...

But what I'm writing about are the things (eh) well they're "grey-areas."

So, I guess I'd categorize it as a "mystery"


Well, it starts with, o.k.:

"A body under a bridge."

A "Clairvoyant," whom when addressed, well...said these words:

"Don't underestimate your competition."

I'm certain that in itself could make for a SK-novel, however in this case it would be based on actual events smile

It happens such that well, the person inquiring - let's just say. "Over-estimated" their position. That TOO is part of the writing I'm working on.

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