Thank you so much. I never thought about colored pencils. I have use regular pencils on white and light colored fabric before for other projects. I am working on a small crazy quilt for my granddaughter and I am not real happy with the inconsistency of some of the stitching. This is my first crazy quilt. I have embroidered since I was 9 but have always had a stamped pattern to go by. Now I have another question. The quilt I am working on now is a small size so I went on and joined the whole quilt before starting the embroidering. But when I do the one with the velvet and other material, I want it to be big. Soooo, is it best to make it in squares, embroider each one then join them and embroider the joining of two squares? If not it is going to be too big and heavy I think. Is this right?