Lisa - When my budget is flush, I love to use any wild-caught salmon (sockeye, Norweigan etc) it always has a deeper salmon taste - and you don't need to buy much for a salad.

First, I rub a little extra virgin olive oil over it and then some fresh chopped dill (s & p) as well if you like, then poach it until it's done in white wine and and lemon juice, then chill. Just flake it into the salad and toss.

Recently at work we have been selling some smoked wild salmon in small cryovac packages (6 oz. serving) and I tell you, it gives your salad a lovely smoky kick and 3 oz for 2 salads was plenty.

The dark and white balsamic vinegars I mix with Good Seasons Italian salad dressing mix packets. Tasty every time - I always have them on hand.

Then when I'm broke, I buy the farm raised salmon! smile