You feel so familiar, so close. It's an odd sensation, really. I've not experienced anything quite like it. Best I can describe is almost like an umbilical chord, but heavy like a lead, sometimes these things take time, lol.

I'm curious why the family (yes, I get the $ issue. It's everywhere and from a different perspective can have such an entirely different meaning, etc. hard to explain, here anyway) made such an issue however? How painful that must have been if it wasn't expected?

Hostilities seem to originate from somewhere and as you've met someone online that's supportive, that's a blessing in itself.

Is the family still accusatory of something? I don't know, like "The Black Widow" syndrome or are things finally resting in peace?

It's hard to imagine family acting in such a way. confused

Karen Elleise
Clairvoyance Editor
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