I saw this thread a while ago, but wanted to really think about what my favorite Indian dish might be before posting. Alas, I cannot choose one!

I was first introduced to Indian food about 15 years ago when I went to an Indian buffet in Denver with some colleagues. I ate so much it hurt! I love food with flavor and nothing compares to the flavors in Indian food.

Since that time I have tried Indian restaurants across the country...anytime I go anywhere I look for vineyards and Indian restaurants (weird, I know). I was doing some consulting work in Indiana a few years ago and one of the people I was working with happened to be Indian. I asked him if he could recommend a good Indian restaurant and he invited me to his home! His wife cooked a HUGE meal of several different dishes. I got to ask them a ton of questions about various spices and a lot about India. They even gave me some different spices to take home. It was a wonderful day!

I stopped consulting a short time after that and was working at a company that consulted with a large Indian company. I became friends with one of their consultants who came over to the US for training and he went with me to several book stores to hunt down a cookbook that had authentic Indian recipes. I use it all the time.

I have even befriended the owners and staff at my favorite Indian restaurant here in Colorado Springs. They have given my 6-year-old daughter and me tours of their kitchen, let us make naan in their big clay ovens and shared one of their recipes with me, which I have promised not to share. smile Even my daughter loves the food and she is unbelievably picky!

I've decided I can't pick one favorite. I love chutneys and pickles, curries and Naan. Everything has so much flavor, but the flavors are so different. I just love it all. I guess I'm obsessed!