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Lisa how do you keep track of them and at what stage they are in? Also, when do you find time to write with all the other things you do? Do you have a structured schedule?

Terri -

I have a main folder on my hard drive for "writing" - then a subfolder for "romance" - then a subfolder beneath that for each novel I'm working on. They are labeled with numbers so they sort in order:


and so on. In each of those folders I have two main things. First, I have the Word doc of the story itself. Second, I have a "timeline.txt" file with the main character names and attributes, as well as a basic timeline. Something like

Jan 1 - Mon - Mary and John meet
Jan 2 - Tue - fight by the bridge

and so on. That way I can keep track of the sequence and also know when Sunday falls, because in medieval times Sundays were fairly important. Religion had a strong role in their lives.

In terms of time, I do most of my writing in my head. When I'm driving somewhere, or falling asleep, what I am doing is reviewing plots. I play and replay scenes in my head. So by the time I get to the computer it's all set and I just type it in. I type about 130 wpm so that part goes fairly quickly.

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