The formations range specifically, from small circles to very large ones, like the circumfrance of your stomach, around your belly-button, to squares and triangular formations.

In the one below, by the time they got done, it looked like a flock of geese tattooed across my backside. Hey it was free grin

P.S. That's a PG image. Back of my leg, lol. You can get them around your collar line, arms, legs, knuckles, etc. They're not a very particular creature despite resports they don't inhabit human's.

They're only half right. Early Spring, they're outside. Come fall and winter - they're not picky whatsoever. Neosporin and permethrin DON'T do a thing. Neither does chalomine (sp) lotion.

If you're sensitive, like me, you'll feel a pin-prick when they bite. If not, you won't feel much until your skin starts feeling like you're wearing a wool-sweater, all day and night.

Oatmeal baths help, but bleach and vinegar, borax and loads of laundry and vacuuming will need to be done daily!

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