At times, dreams can feel like living in a different almost parallel Universe, difficult to put into words.

If you've ever lost someone you love or wonder if there really is a place we go after, you may find comfort in this dream.

(10/12/2013) The dream was simple, yet powerful:

Just before falling asleep, I remember (I wear ear-plugs) but a bunch of static like radio stations playing over themselves, like when you go through a dead zone on a long trip.

All the sudden I was in an old-fashioned barber shop. I remember the chairs mostly. In the mirror, I saw a man in the corner. I was in a doorway and stepped through. As I got closer, I stretched my neck forward and said, "GRANDPA?!? Don't move, I have to get my camera. They won't believe this!"

I look through my "bagabon-like" purse and dig for my camera. It's the one I have today. I remember the squares zooming in and out.

As I'm focusing the lens, I notice I'm in the chair next to him?

I take the picture.

He came out solid-form, perfect! Me? In the photo, I was transparent, Spirit-form. I ask if I could take the photo again, but when I look back up, he's gone.

I told my husband about the dream and he looked troubled. I was elated though. But he asked who specifically I was talking about and I said, "YOUR GRANDPA!"

He said, "You know what day today is? It's his birthday. They're having a mass for him in Chicago as we speak."

Well, I'd only met this person 2 times. He passed shortly after, but loved him just the same.

I feel this dream was to share with the family, and anyone else that happens to read this, our loved ones are there, through love. That's how we remain smile

Have you ever had a dream from a loved one that felt more like they were actually there?

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