Actually there perhaps is a third type, they are not making sense out of the incomplete data set, nor do they *need* closure. They are just okay with leaving things open ended. They don’t mind living with ambiguity.

*I* am the type who needs closure, I need meaning, I need things to make sense which is why getting older is such a wonderful thing for me.

Erica Jong once wrote that life is best understood backwards. Now that I have 20 years experience as an adult, I can look back and say “Oh, that’s why I did such and such…or oh that’s why that happened..NOW I understand…oh that’s how life works etc…if you do this, that usually happens. Ohhhhh…I get it….“

Even if it was bone headed stuff I did or “bad” things that happened, at least I understand them now…and I can finally have some closure in many areas of my life. I have answers to questions that plagued me for two decades.

But I had to live long enough to get to this point.