I have to say, I just got myself a notebook, about the size of your palm and named it "Butterflies."

Inside the cover I wrote, "Butterflies do it alone 3/4's of their journey...then they transform."

What's also interesting is, my mother-in-law asked me if i've seen her tatoo?? And I'm like you mean a wash n wear type thingy, lol?

She said, "No silly, an actual tatoo!"

I said, "No, but what comes to me is something w/wings, like a butterfly."

That's what it was. Not to mention w/me it's a Dragonfly smile

I don't have much interest in TV but a series called "Under the Dome" Stephen King...I've been watching that. Well, in it, there's two phrases and one of them is:

"The Monarch Will Be Crowned."

So I'd say...at least in some respect, especially when butterflies and other things are attracted to you, I feel there's something there, like a vibratory type thing. Like when a kitchen light attracts flying insects?

PS: The note book(and named it) was prior to the Dome-thing and my mother-in-law's conversation. I think when things synchronize - there's something there.

Karen Elleise
Clairvoyance Editor
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