Same place actually smile

BTW, you look very much like my sister out East.

But I'm learning things writing here. Like the forum. I can write easily or more easily in a forum because I can read little words and memorize the key-board. So, vision is an issue but not so much when I'm staring at a giant Word-doc or form.

Secondly, I thought I wasn't supposed to write in bed until now, lol. So I'd go to this desk and my mind would go blank.

Third, I find in (actually, it's a guest room I've made w/candles and antiques...) I'm in-tune? So I'm trying to combine the flow of inspiration w/the access of whatever allows me to write freely in a blog type setting and finish the darn book! smile

Basically I've been going against my nature and that is/was part of the problem...

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