I enjoyed this article. In fact, I have read and enjoyed many of your articles.

I agree that the media takes some blame in the Superwoman image. Frequently, the media promote a "be all, do all" image that is really an illusion. I wonder if it didn't begin to some extent with the women's revolution in the 1960's and 1970's. At that time, I think women were trying to prove that they could enter and compete and succeed in the workplace, but still keep a home. Somehow that became overemphasized that women could do it all, all the time.

The media took this natural transition and promoted this image as the ideal rather than a necessary transition period for women to become more active in the workplace. Unfortunately, this has done a disservice to women. Everyone has limitations and doing it all is not really advantageous. Hopefully, in time, the media will start to portray a better image. In the meantime, women can challenge these beliefs of Superwoman and begin to appreciate their selves as they are - real human beings.

Sandra Baublitz, Investing/Home Finance Editor
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