I keep going back and forth with this topic ... internal battle really. I'm 31 years old and, almost six or seven years ago, I didn't want children. So, at that point, I was child-freee and loving it. I was enjoying my husband. Now fast forward to the present ... countless hours of baby-sitting, even having a friend with kids staying with you and your husband, constantly having to set more rules than normal in my household (do this, don't do that, don't touch this or that). Not used to that and I don't want to become used to it. I feel like this current experience has been my birth control. That and the fact that hubby and I have been trying (off and on) with no success (I know ... another topic). Anyway ... Because of my recent experiences my answer to, "Do you have/want kids?" No, I don't have them. I may want them, but not like yours.