I can see your predicament. I'm sure getting used to driving on the opposite side of the road is a challenge, too. In fact, my acupuncturist just visited his brother in England and he commented that he thought the British drivers were more courteous than US drivers.

I know that I am not fond of multi-lane traffic and avoid when I can. I don't think I would be comfortable without power steering.

So here are some thoughts on baby steps to try. Just jump in with where you feel you are in the steps. And we can discuss them together. I am happy to give support.

1. Just sit in the car with it running. It may help to visualize a route you need to drive and imagine successfully driving there. Deep breathing helps, too.

2. Practice driving in your driveway. (I am not sure if you are on a major road or have a driveway. I'm going by what I think I would try to do. When I began driving, my parents had me drive in and out our long private driveway. Then I practiced turning and parking in our field and a local parking lot.)

3. You may want to practice on a low-traffic road if one is convenient. Or in a parking lot and pretend there are cars on either side of you. This is good practice for the using your mirrors. Short burst of driving to and from home with a safe place to turnaround is an idea.

Let me know if any of these ideas appeal to you. Are they too simplistic or do they seem too hard?

P.S. You can always play a driving video game for practice.

Sandra Baublitz, Investing/Home Finance Editor
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