Dishwasher, they waste too much water and beside it's not the end of the world to wash dishes by hand.

As for the satellite if the NHL would show every games online I would pay for that and go without a satellite but the playoffs games are not included, I refuse to go without my Dallas Stars games. Now that Fringe is over all the shows I watch can be seen on Youtube or on another website so technically I won't miss anything, for the movies I would rent them.

The internet I don't think I ever go without it except if I could afford a vacation far away from people, in that case for the time being there I would not even watch television (thats the only way i see myself missing games). I am thinking of giving myself a little internet break to see how that would go, I was able to survive the three times my old computer broke and had to be fixed and I also survived the time it took to get it plugged in when I moved in November of 2009 (the satellite was installed before i arrived..i would not of come if that would not of been the case).

The microwave I only use to reheat leftovers and to eat microwave food (rarely). I did buy something that is used to cook food in microwaves, it was on sale and I always wondered how food cooked in a microwave tastes like, I have yet to use it.

My cell phone is only to receive and make calls.