I love white uncooked potatoes fried in either vegetable oil, butter or both. This is also my favorite food when I'm sick.

I also like roasted peanuts (spent years without being able to eat some..im allergic to nuts and almost all peanuts can countain nuts), sunflower seeds (love the salted kernels...finally found a company that sells them without nuts but not long after they stopped selling it in my province...at least the in shells are still sold...found a seller on Amazon Canada not too long ago and by luck last night i also found out they sell some without nuts...that will be better than to suck the salt and put the seeds 1 by 1 in a bowl then add salt...been thinking of adding melted butter with them and peanuts too...that should be good).

Milk chocolate is awesome. Skittles too (originals are the best). I like chips too, my favorite flavor is salt and vinegar. Ice cream is nice too.