I finally tracked this thread down because I finished "Orderly Chaos" (a book on Buddhism) and this came to mind. I wanted to focus on this again. I do think I "complain" far less in general but it's always good to focus on it every once in a while! Also with my poison ivy I have been itchy and a bit grumpy. So it would be good to be more aware of that.

I already complained to Bob today because our washing machine has been broken for over 2 years and he still hasn't fixed it. Nearly every time we run it it beeps and beeps and we have to go restart it a bunch of times. It's like water torture. I want to just fix it or replace it or *something*. It bugs me that he hasn't done anything. It's in "his hands". Obviously just complaining isn't working smile. So I need to just do something myself.

OK I just talked with him and he says he'll get parts tomorrow. So progress. See, much better than complaining! smile.

So I'm starting from NOW. Interestingly we did this almost exactly five years ago - within only a few days - so it's a good five year cycle project to do!

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