I haven't seen Hostel 3, no. I'll avoid it probably.

Michael Keaton is the only Batman for me - though my favorite character EVER is Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman smile She's just incredible and captures the character brilliantly. I've read the comics for years and still do. I think that Nolan was basically trying to make Miller's Batman comic - which I hate LOL.

Bale - I can't stand, he screams everything and I can't understand most of what he says - this has become a joke in the UK about his silly Batman voice. It was much better in the third film actually and IMO that was the best of the three. Though Bane was ridiculous, Catwoman was actually really good - and though Hathaway was no Pfeiffer she still held her own.

Bruce Wayne is surrounded by supernatural ppl, he works alongside Superman and Wonder woman! The second Robin was murdered and brought back to life - the villains he faces, Poison Ivy, Killer Croc, Bane, Clayface, Man-bat, Black Mask, Joker - these characters all have supernatural qualities. He is a comic book character at the end of the day. He should be treated like one IMO.

My main problem was Heath Ledger playing the Joker - he was TERRIBLE but everyone said they liked it because he sadly died. The Joker is meant to represent anarchy, yet everything he does in The Dark Knight is planned. There is also no way on Earth - the ppl of Gotham wouldn't blow up a boat full of murderers and rapists LOL. It had so many flaws, which if it had been a comic book movie I could have ignored, but because Nolan wanted the film to be treated seriously, you had to take all the mistakes seriously. It's funny because after Batman Returns - Burton was fired because Warner Brothers felt he had made the films too adult for younger audiences. violent and sexual conatations - and now look at them LOL!

My main issue with the new Bond and the last three Batman movies is that they are mostly BORING. Which to me is the worst thing a film can be. Because a film is meant to entertain, even if it's bad it can make you a laugh.

I used to love Roger Moore as Bond too! You're the only other person I've spoken to who has said that smile I felt he was great. I love Live and Let Die and A View To A Kill - those are my fave Bond movies.

Well theres' my view on it all smile

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