I think that term is correct. I am not pregnant and never was so I never got to fall victim to these women but thye exist, there are many of them, they are almost everywhere and they are very cruel. To breastfeed and to think that this is what is best for babies is one thing but to judge women who do not breastfeed and to attack them is absolutely wrong. And there are many women that cannot breastfeed so to attack a woman who do not breastfeed her baby is not only not of your business and ignorant of you it is evil. And there are many who just don't let it go when they learn that the woman they are attacking (FOR SOMETHING THAT IS NOT OF YOUR BUSINESS) are not breastfeeding because of a medical and/or health reason. Women blame men and the media for the preasure women feel but women are first in line to add preasure on other women just like women are first to judge other women!