Anybody here suffering from this illness? Anybody who knows someone suffering from it? Is there a doctor who could talk about it? My mom was diagnosed with this (severe was added to it AND it took almost ONE YEAR to get that result after MANY tests with some that were taken MORE THAN ONCE and it was given by a doctor who it took a few months to think that not being able to eat is NOT NORMAL) Monday. She was prescribed motilium, is anyone here taking this medication or know someone who is taking it? She has not filled it yet but she will tomorrow. Also does anyone has had a surgery for that illness or know someone with that disease that has had a surgery for it? She does not totally trust that that this is what is wrong with her since it took a long time with many tests and it was given by a doctor who seems to not care and not really know how to do her job. She has a big lump that goes to where the belly button is and all of this is hard. Also with her belly button there is a discharge and it stinks. She always have stomach pain, belly pain, cramps and is constipated. She can only eat a small portion of food at a time (sometimes only once a day at breakfast...most of the times its toats or jello that she can eat). She describes it as when she eats it gets stuck and stays there. Any help will be very much appreciated!