HAHA. This article is so funny. It is so true about Japanese politeness. I have it ingrained into my character that being rude to others is the biggest sin one can commit (exaggerating a bit here).

I hear crunching of popcorn here and worry that my own crunching will be heard! I always turn off my cell phone and only whisper into my companion's ear if there is something important to say. But I'm not a robot! LOL.

Once in a theater, there was group of the loudest women who screamed and talked back to the characters on the screen! "NOOOO! DON'T TURN AROUND!!!" I was so startled and didn't know how to take this. Was it funny? It was a little bit funny. But when they continued, I found it rude and disruptive to my enjoyment of the movie. Their running commentary was not mirroring thoughts I was having about the movie.

Someone else kept kicking the back of my chair. Another person was repeating the dialogue loudly to her hard-of-hearing mother (I had more compassion for that.) But then some drunk guy urinated in the corner of the theater. Seriously.

Of course, it isn't like that at all the theaters here. Thank goodness.