I appreciate your sharing your insight. I do not believe you are acting in a negative manner. I rather appreciate the perspectives you bring into the forum. Please do not receive my words as criticism, for they are most assuredly not meant in that context.

If you do not find my added perspective to bring value to your line of thinking, so be it. To each their own. I sense that you are a person who genuinely cares about the welfare of animals and the stability of the planet. I have quite a lot of respect for such a mentality. My words are meant to potentially open doorways of logic and thought, and I assume that is the intent of your words, as well.

I hope this better explains my words, and I surely meant no offense by paraphrasing your sentiment, it was merely used as a tool of example. I continue to look forward to your insights and thank you for your participation in the Animal Life forum.

I look forward to reading your comments.

The evolution of humankind can be measured by how its animals are treated.

Deb Duxbury
Animal Life Editor

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