My life has been so busy recently, I barely have time to fix dinner many nights.I think the rotissere chicken and fresh veggies sound amazing. Many of my current committments end in June - I will have finished preparing and presenting three training classes, my term will end as president of DCSHRM, and I will have finished studying and taken the PHR... then I can get back to my writing and marketing the way I have in my plans and start cooking healthy from scratch again.

Stephanie, I definitely agree it depends on one's circumstances. I have bought fresh, but it usually spoiled before I use it or before I used all of it - then it just became a costly waste.

For right now, the "cheating" by buying pre-packaged,over fresh lettuce serves two needs - it stops me from running across the street and grabbing a burger for lunch because it's convenient. Second, I've eaten more veggies this past week then I ever have.

All in good time... :-)

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