Oh Girl, they get busted regularly when the smell gets bad in the meat area. But they have the BIG bucks for those high profile attorneys. That is why it took a group action suit for us to get a settlement over not getting our lunch breaks. I was too chicken to complain to the labor department because back then my daughter was still at home and I needed my paycheck. After our awesome manager quit, it was like hell came to the store. Anyway, we won and now the registers are suppose to shut down after 6 hours of working. Now they don't have a choice and have to replace the cashier. They use to still push their luck and have a manager sign on and force the cashier to work. I refused to do this and ended up getting fired - but got my unemployment as they knew I would run my mouth. Yes, love the Walmart prices but when I can do better, I do not shop there. The funny part is that I have been noticing the prices going up on the items I usually buy. Hmmmm, sounds like Publix will become my regular store soon.

And that was my FIRST and LAST job as a cashier. Now I find myself being VERY nice to the cashiers when I go there as I know the abuse they deal with when people get mad at WalMart. I had things thrown at me (usually what the customer was buying/lol) and some words I never knew existed. The old manager would put the customers out and ban them. When he left (got tired of being harassed into not caring about his employees) - it was the famous "the customer is always right"...

They got rid of a lot of us by reducing our hours. I stuck it out as I knew until I found something else, I could fly below the radar. What got me was when the new manager had one of their friends come through my line and then call the 1-800-Walmart number to complain about my customer service. When someone is blind and yells discrimination - there is no argument, out the door you go! Walmart does not want any more bad press so these complaints trigger an automatic termination. If you have the cash you can fight it and either get your job back or compensation. LOL, they thought I was going to pitch a fit like one cashier (sweet girl) and had to be escorted out in handcuffs. Of course they made sure we all saw this like a warning.

When they told me it was my last day, I calmly thanked them and made sure I had it in writing that I had returned my smock, discount card and employee badge. Yes, from working in human resource I knew they could keep your last paycheck or take out for the cost of the items. And I was not leaving the store until I got this in writing.

Anyway, that is my Walmart story wink

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