I'm not seeing that at all. Walking over someone less fortunate? Really?

That argument has been used politically though and opens a door for people to vent how rough they've got it, including myself.

3 yrs. ago, I was homeless, literally. Not the gosh I'm going to BE homeless. Homeless. Nothing but a garbage bag worth of belongings and even those I had to let go.

I did not encounter 1 person that felt the need to ignore or step over me and where I ended up was a very conservative area. Person after person offered assistance. Not hand me outs, or wads of money but names, addresses and phone numbers of people I could meet with.

I had to do the leg-work but in the end received a lot of donations, $360.00 worth of food assistance, $1.00 prescriptions, Dr.'s willing to donate their time and a discounted apartment, no deposit until I could afford 1/4 of the cost.

Eventually I ended up in subsidised housing. Now that's a story. People who were there complained a lot, didn't take care of their apartment, suplimented welfare by selling drugs and graffiti all over the new park, trash in the hallways and cochroaches and 2 infant deaths in one year. That was extra special...they were using their balcony as a playpen and the children fell off the chairs out there.

I know what is and isn't available because I've lived it. In the end, the truth of this matter is what you do with the help you recieve.

Karen Elleise
Clairvoyance Editor
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