Aloha (Hello),

I've had my beta "Mojo" for over a year now, he is my first fighthing betta and I absolutely love him. However, I want to make sure that I am properly taking care of him. Most of my friends are dog/cat lovers so I was hoping here I can get some questions answered. Mojo lives in a 2 gallon tank that I keep half filled. I feed him betta pellets and sometimes freeze dried blood worms. The water temperature is always above 70 degrees and he has plastic and silk plants in the tank. He also has a bubble nest in the corner. Perhaps wishful thinking on his part. One thing that interest me about my fish, is that when his tank gets dirty, he hides himself, upside down, in the middle of the plastic tank. Is this a defense mechanism? I always take this as a cue to clean the tank. I absolutely love Mojo and I can watch him for hours. Is there anything I can put in his tank for his entertainment...because sometimes he looks bored.