Dear Yvonnie -

Salads are definitely tasty and good for you!

My "lunch" salad (i.e. the one I'm eating right now) is fairly large. I have a large bowl that's 8.5" across (I just measured it) that I fill with greens. I don't squish them down, but that's a fair amount. Then I add in tomatoes, olives, and I sprinkle cheese on top. So that is my entire meal and it definitely fills me up.

Part of it is I'm so incredibly busy right now. These college courses ate up a TON of time. So I don't feel like I have time to cook or anything. This way I just dump a bag of salad into a bowl, toss on a few items, and I am done. I can just eat while I work.

Lisa Shea, Low Carb and Video Games Editor
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