I live in a converted garage that is part of a large house so my room temperature is maintained separately from the rest of the house.

Here in Orlando it's humid and the hi-temp runs between 85-95 for the past month or so with a few days falling outside those bounds.

I purchased a small, energy efficient, window AC for my room which I rarely use. I can open a window and a door and get a nice cross breeze. I also bought a window fan - two small fans that fit nicely in the window space and make very little noise.

With the fans and cross breeze I can make it through the day without using the AC. Occasionally in the late afternoon the breeze will die down and I'll have to turn the AC on but that only happens about once a week.

The only time I really use my AC is at night. The nights here can be rather stuffy and there is little or no breeze. Plus, I can't keep the door open at night - spiders come in - so there is no cross breeze. When I turn the AC on it cools the room off within about 15 minutes and then goes off and usually doesn't come back on again for the rest of the night.

I also turn my PC off at night. Normally I would leave it running but a PC is essentially a small heater. If I left it on it would draw power and would also require the AC to occasionally kick in to cool things off. Now during the winter when/if it's actually cool enough to need heat at night then the PC acts as a nice little heater so I'll leave it on.