It's 91 today, which by local terms is not really hot yet. I am plenty content inside with my door shut, shades shut, one small fan in a a non-southern facing window, a fan mid-way in the room, a fan by my face at the computer, the lights off and drinking cool water. I am wearing loose fitting, light colored cotton clothes - shorts and a tee. Flip flop sandals.

I do not feel hot or uncomfortable in any way. If i did, i'd switch out to my larger fans and add a cold washcloth to my neck.

caveat - it's dry here, of course. smile

The upshot is i am using 53.5 watts on cooling instead of 1500 watts on the AC. Look at those numbers! It's ridiculous. I am saving 1446.5 watts and this is so easy. This is not even including the AC starting surge of 2500-5000 watts.

And I am totally comfortable. Trust me, I hate being hot and melty. If it was over 100 i'd be cranking the juice immediately, or leaving the house for someone else's AC.

Is anyone ready to try this?

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