I just learned to read my electric meter today and am so excited!!! I used about 126 kwh this month - which is a tremendous difference from last month's 457 kwh!

I attribute the change from last month to this month to:
1. Dan leaving and taking his many, many electronics with him
2. Unplugging the electricity to my RV and the RV fridge
3. Switching out the appliances I use now with lower watt ones i am finding on sales, at thrift stores and at garage sales
4. Switching all energy vampire appliances over to power strips and making sure to keep them off when not in use!

Probably in that order. I am documenting all this in various threads in here. I'll collect those links and add them here. So i am serious about decreasing my energy use.

It will be exciting to see just how low I can get this electric bill. I was told the minimum for a house with the circuit breakers off is $10 a month (service fees and taxes). Let's see just how close I can approximate that...

I'm also not using the AC yet. So far my Fan Plan is working well. I am very comfortable inside, even though it's 90 degrees outside.

On the phone, APS told me that most people start seeing a big jump in their bills around this time, due to AC use. So for me to get a large decrease makes me deeply happy. This is such a fun game! And honestly i am very comfortable.

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