Lime is a fruit Jilly (and tomatoes & avocado)!

I started making a kale salad for dinner; cleaned the kale, cut it, squeezed lemon juice on, sprinkled on a little seasoned pepper and some complete seasoning by Badia. It was so good, I ate it like that with a serving of carrots.

Feeling really good since I also enjoyed a greek salad (very little feta, added sundried tomatoes) w/balsamic vinaigrette for lunch.

For breakfast, fruit salad.

Mid-morning snack, 2 tablespoons of tuna salad w/cilantro, red onions, lime juice, a table spoon of mayo and 12 tortilla chips (no bread - no gluten).

Yay! A really good day and two 30 minute workouts. Really feeling good.

Yvonnie DuBose