Thanks, Lisa. That is true; it's better than just top ramen, tortillas with butter, or just bread and cheese.

Today I had a half an avocado with half a large tomato, open faced on super thin whole grain bread, almost like a cracker. With mayo and turkey slices. a hunk of hard cheese on the side with some clear broth and seltzer water.

Nothing really bad, there. But no fruit, unless you count the avocado. I don't really know what category avos fall into. They aren't sweet, but are technically a fruit. Tomatoes are technically fruit too. Oh well.

It was my only meal of the day, as I got busy and forgot to eat. No decaff even, just some water. Bad me.

I might have some red wine later tonite but right now am happy with the lime seltzer. Wait! Lime is a fruit! wink