Jeanne, that is good that you are active in your awareness about AC use! I like how you will note if there is a dry day, so you can transfer in some fresh air and hopefully pick up a few breezes.

Florida has got to be the most humid, hottest state in the US for the most months of the year. I'd be all over the AC too.

You are in a townhouse - an outer unit? I think the units in the middles have the advantage for being able to leech off the AC or heat from the ones along the sides.

With a townhouse, I'd think if you can, to crack an upper story window and a lower story window to create a cross current. Heat will rise to the second floor. The lower floor will naturally just be cooler.

Thick drapes over any south or west facing windows or glass doors is pretty much a must. This will deflect a lot of the outdoor heat from coming inside, and help trap the nice cool AC air inside.

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