Thank you, Debbie. (BTW, I miss calling you Cassie!)

Yeah, I do have to caveat that i live in a very dry place. That makes a big difference. If this was a humid state, I am not sure exactly when i would draw the line at turning on the AC. I would try to prolong the coolness as long as possible with other ways, I think. Or maybe I'd just give up at 85 degrees - does that seem to be when most people do it?

With this arid AZ climate, I can acclimate to anything in the 90s. Once it reaches over 100 F, though, it is too oppressive for me and I get miserable. That's why this summer I hope to spend most of it camping in the mountains.

I lot of people in the American West use swamp coolers and I don't know about the energy usage for those. I know it is a ton less watts than AC - it uses water to cool things down.

I have a window AC unit and that suffices for my studio. Let me look at last summer's bills.

Okay, I just documented my thoughts in the electrical bill thread. Here is the link where I discuss my observations on my electrical use from month to month.

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