Thanks, Dianne! Today is 93 degrees and a bit unseasonally hot for april. I am following my own advice today -

- windows open all night, with a table fan in the windowsill
- have non-south facing windows open for a cross breeze
- using a table fan in the window of the room I am in
- keeping the doors shut during the hot hours
- shades drawn on windows that get bright light
- no cooking inside! I have a microwave on my porch and used it to heat up some decaf coffee and leftover pizza
- keeping as many lights off as possible
- bathed in cool water midday
- drinking lots of fresh water
- wearing light cotton clothes and flip flops
- not being active in the midday - saving moving around type activities for the evening!

I will add that i am very comfortable this way. It feels like a nice 70 degrees in here. I can feel the difference if i venture outside!

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