I finally embarked on my project to create a "tarot journal" as you all have recommended. I am randomly drawing a card from my deck to ask a question, and writing up what I find about it. As I mentioned, the deck I've had for about 30 years is my Aquarian Deck. So I'm very fond of it.

Certainly my thoughts on the cards are just my own, and my thought is to add to this journal as I go. So these are just my initial thoughts as I look at each card. I'm only looking up the "official" version of the card after I figure out my own thoughts. So part of this is I'm curious how closely my own thoughts on my cards come to the official "sanctioned" view of what a card is "supposed" to mean.

I'm quite open to hear what other people think of these cards! And certainly if anyone wants to use my PDFs they are more than welcome to.

Lisa Shea, Low Carb and Video Games Editor
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